Visual Artist and Photographer. Art Director and Creative Writer. 
Above all, Dreamer.
Simona Bonanno primarily focuses on the realms of photography, art books, design, and communication in her creative work.
Born in Messina, Italy, Bonanno embodies these roles with passion and dedication. She refined her skills at the ESAG Penninghen and the Université Paris 8 in Paris before graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy, exploring various forms of artistic expression.
Her artistic journey has led her to showcase her photography internationally, spanning the USA, France, Germany, Canada, and beyond. She has received numerous prestigious awards, including the Lens Culture Street Photo (2022), the International Women in Photo Association (2022), the All About Photo (2016), the Grand Prix de Découverte (2013) and the Julia Margaret Cameron Award (2010). 
Notably, a limited edition print of her work was auctioned at Snap! Toronto in Canada (2014), and two prints were acquired by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Bonanno's photographs, featured in esteemed networks and magazines such as CNN, RTS UN, Resource Magazine, Amateur Photographer, Fotografia Reflex, National Geographic and Digital Camera Magazine, bear witness to her unique artistic vision.
Sicily-based, Simona Bonanno currently extends her multifaceted work worldwide, with a particular focus on Germany and France. Through her captivating visual storytelling, Bonanno consistently engages audiences, leaving a lasting impact with her unique perspective and artistic expression. Her ability to transcend borders and connect with diverse audiences reflects the universal appeal of her creative vision.