“.... A feeling that can not be seen, that does not appear in our ‘visual horizon of the world’ but is felt and experienced from the inside.”
Michel Henry

This feeling finds its expressive and symbolic function in colour, placing emphasis on emotion. Colour becomes a com- municative bridge between human beings and the outside world, a reflection of spiritual balance that allows one to “feel” the invisible. Where light meets colour in a reversed horizon, where perception of the “known” is lost, it is there that human beings find their innermost need, combining intimate harmony and spirituality in the abstract song of colour and lines. Colours are like moods, the sea and the sky, vehicles of intimate feelings, here they become fields of colour. The most intimate unknown finds it’s voice in overturning what is real, deconstructing a known landscape across what seems our own interior necessity.

The Inner Invisible #1

These fields of color originate in sea and sky and horizon line, imbued with the emotion of raw beautiful nature, and turned completely upside down, as if we were giddy with delight and standing on our heads just to heighten the magic of what is in front of our eyes.
They are both serenely meditative and emotionally stirring — like a simple Zen shock that wakes us up to appreciate the moment. Simona Bonanno creates these perfectly measured photographs with such grace and precision that we lose ourselves gazing at them, and momentarily forget our day-to-day concerns. Take a moment to pause in wonder and delight. » Jim Casper, Lens Culture (Co-founder and Editor in Chef)